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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Winter holiday - Part I

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A change of scenery, some sunshine and a little adventure. That was what the holiday was all about.

Grandfather was looking after a friend's secondhand bookshop and house on the Gold Coast, and we flew up to keep him company and swan about in a waterfront villa. Was fun to play pretend for a week. K and I enjoyed sleep ins while JanMa and Grandfather entertained the Little One in bed and fed her spoonfuls of yogurt (every mouthful is a victory so this must be recorded!). We ventured out to hill top villages (where we live in our dreams) and hunted down wallpapered coffee stores and little treasuries.

We spent a day in Brisbane, looking up at buildings new and old, finding patterns in the cityscape, getting caught in flash sun showers and exploring South Bank. After a lot of 'looking' at GOMA, the Little One seemed desperate to be 'doing'. Fortunately we stumbled across the children's room at the State Library of Queensland, with games and puzzles, and blankets on the floor covered in secret pouches with tucked away toys. Gold mine for a curious babe. There's my hot tip there.

I remember both K and I commenting on how Saskia was changing daily up there. It was hard to pinpoint. Is her hair getting longer? Is she moving more easily? The shape of her face is changing, don't you think? She watches us like she's about to join in the conversation, right? 

In so many (wonderful) ways, that week away felt like much longer.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

imp'ish: inclined to do slightly naughty things for fun



How you you resist a little piece this cute...especially when it has an equally sweet tagline? Just a quick peek at one of the 'slightly naughty' internet purchases I've made for the little one. Quick stats on imp'ish: designed in NZ, handmade in India using organic cotton, created by people who receive a fair wage and work in a healthy safe environment. Good for you clothing.

This was purchased from the beautifully curated 'online shoppe', I Ran the Wrong Way, a thoughtful and considered array of good finds. (As well as charming clothes for little babes they stock another of my favourite children's books, The Black Book of Colours, and lovely goodies for the home.)

This isn't an advertisement! Just a recommendation for a beautiful range of clothing for the little ones and a great spot for online shopping...I've picked up so many beautiful goodies thanks to other blogs so I'm just sharing the love.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mama's making me a quilt

ink & spindle quilt1

ink & spindle quilt3

So many lovely things coming in the mail lately. I'm such a fan of ordering online - the anticipation of a parcel is so much better than the instant gratification that comes with lugging a plastic bag out of a store, wouldn't you agree?

The Ink & Spindle Allsorts Quilt Kit is one of the goodies that arrived in the past week. So beautifully packaged too. I admired it unopened on the coffee table for a while! My mum promised me she'd make a quilt for the little one, but had given away a lot of her old fabric a few years ago as her quilting days (she thought) were long gone. I'd been keeping my eye out for patterns on the internet - something that could look a little wonky and imperfect, given that Mum was protesting that she might be a little rusty - and came across this beautiful kit sourcing the link for one of my previous posts.

I love that Ink & Spindle hand screenprint their fabrics and make efforts to ensure they are ethical and sustainable. Plus they just seem like really sweet ladies having fun in their studio. I wish I had the time at the moment to create a little stash of my own screenprinted fabric, but I'm not a superwoman and think my time is best spent in a non-toxic environment (i.e. at the sewing table!). Am sure it'll be a lovely project for Mum and I to work on together in those last few weeks...if the hormones stay in check!

Ps. Thank you for all your lovely supportive comments on my last post. We had a scan at the hospital today which came up clear. In fact the little one looked very cosy and happy in there, pouting and blinking and curled up like a yogi. Apparently the little one is a little one (at this stage), being on the 'petite' side of the scale - but still well clear of the danger zone. Phew!