Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Early weekend

Heading to Newcastle for a mini camping trip tomorrow. Anyone have any hot tips? I'm hoping to get in some ocean swims, plonk myself in a cafe & have a sticky in little local shops.

Hope this weather lets up...don't like my chances though.

On that subject, my thoughts are with J&M up in Cairns. Stay safe. x


  1. Darby St! The best St in Newcastle.

    AS for your qu. re. me teaching. Yes, of course, I'm still teaching my prenatal classes. I'll probably do so up until 37 weeks. There will be more pregnancy/yoga related posts soon x

  2. I don't have any tips as I've never been to Newcastle, but have lots of fun!

    p.s. I know just what you mean - I've just started my blog and I get so excited when someone leaves a comment! Oh, and the frozen grapes sound delicious. I'll have to try that out.