Friday, May 27, 2011

Meet Kelvin




One of my most favourite things in our house. Yes, it's a fridge.

We bought this guy at a garage sale for a cheeky $50. I think the woman selling the fridge was highly amused by my reaction to finding it tucked away up the back of their garage. K and I sanded and repainted it, put in a new seal, and now it works beautifully.

I just wonder about the lack of space in the freezer section. Most baby books talk about freezing meals in the lead up to the birth so you have some dinners on hand...We can't fit much more than a tub of ice cream, some frozen peas and left over lasagne sheets. Hmmmm...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

21 weeks

21 weeks

Feeling better each day. Sometimes I don't even think about how I'm feeling until someone asks me, which is a good thing.

I love that the kicks are getting more frequent and stronger. Always first thing in the morning the little one is so active and K and I lie in bed for as long as we can saying, oh yes I felt that, did you? It's such a precious way to start the day.

Had what I think may have been ligament pain or perhaps some Braxton Hicks pains yesterday. I was talking to some colleagues at a morning tea yesterday and felt the most intense period-like pain come on. Had to squat in a little ball in the work toilets for a minute or so until it went. Was quite strange and a little scary! I read that it's possible to feel BH pains from 20 weeks although some women don't feel pain at all.

I convinced myself that it was the few sips of strong plunger coffee that I had which brought them on! For months I haven't been able to stomach tea or coffee (although I have the occassional herbal tea), but in the last few weeks I've found myself seduced by the smell of coffee brewing and allow myself a cup once or twice a week. Sadly, my regular cups of Lady Grey tea just don't taste the same - but I'm starting to come around to (and crave) hot cups of sweet leaf chai tea brewed in soy...

Pps. Blogger was playing up for me last night so this post is extra late.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ten little fingers, ten little toes...

ten little fingers, ten little toes

Saw our little one today. Ten little fingers, ten little toes, squirms, and a big yawn. So magical.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mug Love

Lisa stickley mug love1

Lisa stickley mug love2

Lisa Stickley mug love4

A Happy Mama's-To-Be day present from my lovely Little Sister. A tad late as the lazy local post office failed to deliver the parcel slip.

I dragged Little Sister and K to Lisa Stickley's store in Clapham when we were in London last year and I think they were both a little disgusted at how happy I was at the sight of spotty tea towels.

So you can imagine how delighted I was to unwrap a Lisa Stickley souvenir Kate and Wills wedding mug (in a spotty box). I'm not really a royalist but have become quite attached to this little bit of china, and it's now my work mug. Nothing beats crocked handwriting, scalloped detailing and duck egg blue as a combo?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

20 weeks

20 weeks

20 weeks! Does that mean I'm half way? Wowsers. It really is going so quickly. I remember thinking it took forever to make it to the 12 week mark, and now I'm trying to enjoy every minute and make the most of this special time.

I went to see the doctor on Monday to hear the little one's heartbeat. I had worked myself into a bit of a state over the weekend after hearing a sad baby story and was just so deliriously happy to hear the galloping rhythm on the doppler. I felt a right twit bursting into tears in the doctor's office but she was so patient and understanding. She told me not to feel silly, many women have similar concerns. Is this true? It's yet another thing I wasn't prepared for. How vulnerable you feel; how fragile this little life inside you is; how precious this experience is.

In an effort to cheer me up Sunday night, K had lay in bed with me talking to me and stroking my belly. I felt a few twitches, almost like mini muscle spasms or padding, and we both watched the little kicks move across my skin. I couldn't let myself believe this was our little one's first kicks until I'd heard the heartbeat at the doctor's the next day. We've spent every night since camping out in bed, watching for the movements. So magical.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

This time one year ago...

...we were setting off on our Around the World adventure. London, Barcelona, Stockholm, New York City, New Orleans, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Buenos Aires. Photos in that order. Happy to pass on any travel tips if you're heading to any of these places. I do tend to focus on tucked away cafes, crafty stores, markets and swanky hotel bathrooms....just warning you.

Tea at Liberty, London

Detail at Park Guell, Barcelona

Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Walking the High Line, NYC

Oak Alley Plantation, New Orleans

Art deco details, Miami

Cristo Redentor, Rio

Plaza of the Three Powers, Brasilia

San Telmo, Buenos Aires

*Tea at Liberty, London
*Detail at Park Guell, Barcelona
*Gamla Stan, Stockholm
*Walking the High Line, New York City
*Oak Alley Plantation, New Orleans
*Art Deco district, Miami
*Cristo Redentor, Rio
*Plaza of the Three Powers, Brasilia
*San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Buys for baby

Sweet star tee

Fete finds...children's books

Slowly adding to the pile of baby clothes. Found some beautiful organic cotton tees at Target with a sweet star detail for a bargain $6.40 so snaffled a few of those up. Still find it hard to find unisex outfits. Why won't baby stores stock more soft or strong greens, eggshell blues and cherry reds?

Also picked up a few bright pairs of leggings at a school fete and couldn't go past the children's book section without selecting a couple to add to the (rapidly expanding) collection. Janet and Allan Ahlberg are my mum's favourites and Each Peach is such a beautiful book. I remembered the Saggy Baggy Elephant from my childhood and who can resist a Little Golden Book?

I've been collecting children's books for years now. As a trained English teacher I'm passionate about the importance of books in children's lives and tend to gravitate towards the children's section when in a bookstore. I'd love to include a beautiful reading corner in the little one's room. I've been inspired by these images at Hank and Lucy.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

19 weeks

19 weeks

Feeling healthier this week. Started to feel like I have the energy to eat better and walk more. I think the gentle pre natal yoga classes I began last week have also contributed to this overall sense of wellbeing. I'm developing my sankalpa and it's a great exercise in thinking positively about labour.

Pesky bouts of nausea still hover though. I'm fending them off with ginger beer, stewed apple and cashews.

Had a few wardrobe-related tantrums last week as the bump has really started to take shape. Tunics or long tees which had previously been work staples suddenly looked a little short and indecent. Thank god for black leggings + cheap, stretchy sheath dresses at Cotton On. Hang on, I'm thinking that description sounds a little indecent...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A little delivery

little delivery1

little delivery2

little delivery3
Propped next to my avocado toast this morning I found a gift and a card from the little one. Wishing me (an early) happy mothers day. I barely made it through the first sentence before I started with the tears. I think it's my most favourite card yet. Thank you little one. x

My gift was the latest Dumbo Feather - am sure you've all read/heard of it? Such a thoughtful publication. It's the first issue with new publishers and format so I hope they've managed to retain the spirit and original philosophy.

Oh and look, a shot of me in my 40 year old dressing gown.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Two ladies I'm missing at the moment...


My little sister (in London)...


and my cuz (in New York)...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Never Let Me Go

Finished this amazing, heartbreaking book in a few days. It's bound to be a story that stays with you, that keeps you thinking. Kazuo Ishiguro is a genius. I loved the conversational tone of first person narration and the way the story of the donors unfolded. I felt the most for dear old Tommy and his drawings of animals.

Trying to decide whether I want to see the movie adaption. David and Margaret didn't find it 'terribly affecting'...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

18 weeks

I think my belly really started to bump out this week. I've found myself waking at 4 or 5am the last few mornings and the first thing I do is cradle my belly. It feels as though it has taken a while to show but now it seems my belly is making up for lost time.

I've also suddenly got the sensation that something is inside me. Maybe that sounds silly, but it's the only way I can describe it. I haven't felt much movement - except for one morning when I was lying awake and I thought I could sense a deep 'pop' in my belly, but there hasn't been any follow up. I'm so looking forward to feeling that connection.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mamas and Babies

K and I are taking my parents, his mum and sister, and dear family friend to see this next weekend for Mothers Day. Can't wait! I love the scene at the end of this trailer most.