Saturday, August 27, 2011


start of something beautiful


buttermilk pikelets

camellia and books

Had a most blissful first day of maternity leave. Made all the more cheerful by a beautiful warm day. A Skype catch up with my little sister in London, buttermilk pikelets with my mum and a good friend, and a potter in the garden with Meu Amor.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

34 weeks

34 weeks

Earlier in the week we had our last antenatal class at the Birth Centre. We met some first time parents and their sweet little 3 month old daughter, and talked about the few weeks following birth. I know it will be an intense (wonderful, mind blowing, exhausting, fulfilling) time, but I'm sure it's too hard for me to fathom now just how intense it will be. That's ok though, every first time parent is much the same I imagine, perhaps it's enough just to feel ready? I think I'm almost there.

Despite the fact that I've had my work 'head' on in this last week before I start maternity leave, we've still managed to tick a few baby check boxes. Most importantly, we've bought a new (secondhand) car so we're ready for when the baby seat people call; our nappies have arrived and K has installed our Little Squirt; the blinds in the nursery are being fitted tomorrow morning; and we bought a small upright bar freezer from the classifieds which will live in the (very kind) parents' garage to store all our frozen meals (as poor old Kelvin might struggle with this task).

So, only one more day of work to go...

PS...and then I'm looking forward to visiting my blogging friends who I've been neglecting a little lately. So very sorry...I'll be back to check out what you've been up to soon. x

PPS. The softest cotton and most blissfully comfortable maternity pyjamas from here...they've been one of my favourite pregnancy buys so far (and in fact one of the only 'maternity' pieces I've bought) . The photo doesn't do them justice though - they're actually very sweet and quite a bit cute.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

33 weeks

33 weeks

Another late belly post.

Even if the nursery isn't organised, at least the bassinet and the little one's corner of our bedroom is almost ready. The drawing in the frame is a beautiful sketch by one of the girls I work with - although it's hard to see in this pic so maybe I'll take a close up shot later. It's a whimsical, fantastical, winged vessel-like creature...somethings that could be at home in a Shaun Tan book. Hanging above, out of the frame, is another gift from a friend at work - a crafted mobile of hand painted discs featuring the words of 10 Little Fingers by Mem Fox. There are just a few more things I have planned for this space but it's still so lovely to lie in bed and look over imagining that a little being will soon be tucked up in the bassinet. Amazing.

This last week at the gallery has been the most challenging. I'm feeling tired when I wake in the morning as I haven't been sleeping soundly (mostly due to hip pain - and grunting as I attempt to flip myself over) and the days have been long. Although the work has been rewarding, I'm definitely ready to slow down and start to turn my focus towards the home and little one.

(I think I even surprise myself at how round I look now).

Friday, August 12, 2011

32 weeks

32 weeks2

Oh so late with the belly pic. Oh so tired after a long long week at work.

This week I feel pregnant. The kind of pregnant people warn you about. I've developed a solid waddle, my belly feels heavy (have I doubled in size this week?), I got my grump on with K for no apparent reason, and my hips are aching at night.

But this little one keeps a smile on my face. You know the moments where you can be immersed in day-to-day life, signing forms, shuffling papers, planning programs, and then all of a sudden there's a little scuffle in your belly? That makes me smile and brings me back to what's really important.

Hope you are all having bright weeks.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lie to me

MIss Print
Miss print1 Miss print2 miss print3

I'm so chuffed with our new dining chairs.

Bought these Parker chairs from the 'Under $100' section in the paper and have been waiting to find the right fabric. Most of our furniture is secondhand or from practical pieces from IKEA, so I was happy to splurge a little on this beautiful screenprinted fabric.

Mothers/fathers with little children, please tell me they're not that impractical.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

31 weeks

31 week belly shot

Today was a day worthy of Spring. 21 degrees: sunny, a warm breeze, smiles back on people's faces, and walking out the door I noticed our first daffodil has flowered. It's just a teaser, I know, as Winter is sure to be back with one last attempt at a good frost, but it did make me realise that the next season is not far away...and we're getting closer to meeting our little Spring baby.

On Monday we started our antenatal classes at the Birth Centre. Run by one of our midwives (we have four midwives we see continually throughout the pregnancy and will be supported at birth by one of these - very lovely - women), we talked about breastfeeding and the first few days following the birth.

K and I are aware that the first few hours after birth (indeed, the first 24 hours) are especially important for the little one so we hope to create a calm and peaceful environment in the birthing room, and spend time snuggling, feeding and staring into our baby's eyes before we head home. The midwives are very conscious of ensuring the focus is on keeping the family together and understand the benefits of little ones being held exclusively by mama and papa at this time. I can hardly imagine how ecstatic I will feel with a baby on my chest and Meu Amor lying by my side. The three of us.