Monday, June 25, 2012

8.5 months

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8.5 months and the Little One...
...had her first plane ride and taste of sunny Queensland on the move...climbing up, down, sliding backwards, rolling...attempting a crawl (so close) but prefers to walk, gripping tightly on your hands, swinging those Botticelli legs
...laughs when there's laughter (sometimes being hilariously forced bellows)
...seeks out small, teeny tiny things of interest (fluff, food crumbs, small buttons on clothing)
...busies her index finger and makes a low constant murmur when concentrating
...loves toys she can shake, like her confetti egg and maraca, and reading books that call for animal sounds
...chatters 'dada dada dada'. all. day. long.
...was fascinated with the cats that visited Uncle John and Aunty Mary's apartment
...had a tough few days with those pesky front teeth coming through
...continues to melt her mama and papa's hearts, growing more beautiful by the day

*This post was a little late as we were away on the 11th. Couldn't resist layering a holiday suit for this months's photos. She'll grow out of them soon...Oh my, it feels like only yesterday Little Sister sent the Little One To Be the sailor romper. Will post some holiday (and more romper!) pics soon.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Little One's nursery

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketSaskia's room was ready for her arrival.

Being a first time Mama I think I fell into that (easy) trap of wanting everything 'just so', sheets washed, prints sourced, garlands hung. For the first six months, however, we just used her room to change her. Perhaps not necessary then up have everything 'just so'. But I do love that we had time to think about what kind of space we wanted to create for a Little One, and I'm glad we could slowly potter about setting it up, gradually adding bits and pieces. (Would we have the time and energy now?)

The space is always changing though. We modify it as she grows. Now I use it for a 'change of scenery' during our days at home, I might pop her in the cot with some toys as I fold her clothes and tuck them into paper-lined drawers (see, would I have time/be bothered with that now?), or we might read books together in the rocking chair. I watch her and see that she now takes notice of the Swedish giraffes, looks in the direction of the mobile when I ask her, where are the hoot hoots?, and together we read the little message under the mirror every night before switching off the lamp.

One day she will sleep in her room, but for the moment, her bed is ours. She sleeps with us. And we all like it that way for now.

*The lovely Bron is going to post an interview today where I waffle on a little more about the space, if you're interested. And she was also kind enough to ask for my thoughts on being a mama.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012



Tomorrow we leave for a fortnight's holiday in (hopefully) sunny Queensland. It will be the Little One's first plane ride, and despite being a terrible flyer I am really looking forward to the journey. Novelty? Influence of lovely calm friends who insist the key is a breastfeed on the up and down? Ignorance? Mama's intuition? We'll see...

For carry on, I'm packing a new little toy as well as some oldies but goodies, slipping in the niftiest little change mat, wearing my chew-friendly beads and the sling, and I have this sweet little app downloaded (this will be the last resort but I'm willing to overcome screen mama-guilt for this occasion). Any other last minute tips - or advice in time for our onward journey next week to Far North Queensland and back home?

Fingers crossed it will be romper weather...

Friday, June 1, 2012

Eat Grow Clap

It feels as though there has been a lot of growing and changing in the last 2 weeks.

We spied another little pearly white peeking through her bottom gums last weekend, and on the same day, K is claiming that she spoke her first word. Dada. The Little One has certainly been much more talkative lately - dadas, mamas, ffffffs, brrrrrs - but until then she hadn't really directed her words at either of us specifically.

K had returned to the bedroom where we were both cuddling under the doona, and as he stood by the side of the bed she looked straight at him. Dada. Clapping (her other trick).

*Softie being munched arrived in the mail yesterday...cute giveaway loot from Ms Milky - thank you!