Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rain, rain

rain, rain
All this rain is keeping everything so lush. The view from our balcony is a hundred different shades of soothing green.

...but it means we hesitate before venturing out of the house, don't linger on outings and forgo our walks. Whilst I would have relished a week of forecast rain with a teeny babe, now I feel a little restless at the thought. Saskia and I have been enjoying an outing a day, even if it's just a stroll around the village and nearby streets, and I think we are both all the better for it by the end of the day.

And she has some darling little bloomers that I am desperate to get her into, but it's not bare (chubby) leg weather. At least her knitted cardis are getting a good run.

Farewell summer (ha).

Ps. This love affair with the fuzzy button on instagram has got to stop.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

an elaborate dance

baby dance

This was the title of talk Saskia, Jan-Ma & I went to see last Friday at the National Portrait Gallery given by an amazing lady, Sally Chance, on the cultural lives of babies.

Chance is a dance artist who has been looking at how little ones (up to 18 months) create culture and identity using dance. Her two year fellowship with the Australia Council resulted in a production, This [Baby] Life, which I think would be an amazing experience. For both mamas/carers and babies. Especially babies.

The audience: a small number of carers sit on the floor with their babies. Opening scene: a musician makes gentle, playful sounds using a variety of instruments and two dancers begin choreographed movement. As the babies become more confident and comfortable in their surroundings, they may gradually start to venture out to explore the dancers and their surroundings. From here the show is in the hands of the babies as the dancers, respectfully, 'match' their movements and expressions, and each baby 'experiences being experienced', being delighted in.

This [Baby] Life featured in the Adelaide Come Out Festival, and from what I gather, will travel this year. Has anyone seen this? If so, I'd love to hear more about it.

It was a lovely, gentle reminder that toys and gadgets are fun, but what they really want is you. To delight in them.

The mother-infant interaction...seemed to be an elaborate dance, choreographed by nature.
Daniel Stern

Ps. I borrowed this book from the library and ordered this one. Let me know if you've read either.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

@ the discovery garden

arboretum 4 arboretum 5
arboretum 6
arboretum 8 arboretum 1
sass and dad at arboretum

Last weekend we met Jan-Ma and The Grandfather at the National Arboretum to take a peek at the Discovery Garden. We live so close to the Arboretum, driving past it often, watching the plantings and growth from car windows with enthusiasm. It's lovely to think Saskia will grow up around the corner from, what will be, an expansive and beautiful mosaic forest parkland.

Saskia slept in the Manduca as we meandered through the Discovery Garden 'rooms', and hiked up the hill to the look out to sculpture spot. When she woke she joined her grandparents in the music tent and bounced on The Grandfather's knee, fascinated by the bluegrass and folky sound of local band, Dr Stovepipe. She looked so sweet. Front row. Staring ahead, mouth gaping. Head bobbing around. An image I won't forget.

*I should finally attribute the majority of photographs on this blog to Meu Amor (K)...he's a clever one x

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be mine, be ours

vday2 vday 3 vday card1 vday
Meu Amor

We will always be your girls x

*enjoy the cookies we baked for you...there's one more surprise to come

Sunday, February 12, 2012

4 months

4 months 2 4 months 4 months 3
4 months on and the Little One... full of smiles and endless curiosity (this is a sweet age, no?) us eat with big old saucer eyes
...wears 00 and 000 (mama was a bit too quick to pack away the triples it seems, but quietly feels relieved that this slows down the sense of her little lady growing up too quickly) mesmerised by the hoot hoots in the mobile above her change table
...loves standing with your assistance, on her insistence (on knees, bellies, tables, the grass...)
...carries some good chub her thumb to the side of the mouth...and sometimes tries to squeeze it in during a feed!
...could use a toy drum with all the ferocious banging that happens
...had her first giggle fit and hasn't looked back
...gets propped on her belly atop cushions so she can take in the action...this one don't wanna be to be lying flat on her back
...thrives on a change of scenery
...hasn't lost the sparkle in her eye
...makes her mama and papa wonder how life could get any sweeter

*That fringe kills me... (no, I didn't cut it)

Friday, February 10, 2012


hand quilting 3cloth

About to start...the hand quilting part. Have been stalled at this bit for a while. Bought a thimble today so can't blame lack of tools anymore. I'm looking forward to draping the quilt over my lap at nights, sewing tiny stitches - just finding it hard to decide how to approach the various designs.

Started...our cloth adventure (finally). After buying our nappies way back here we decided to use disposables in the first few months until we were feeling ready to master the art of cloth. It's pretty simple with modern cloth nappies though...nothing like the terry & pins variety my mum used for me.

*The lovely Claire has done a very comprehensive post on going cloth. Plus she's included a delightful photo of the beautiful Gus in a basket of Itty Bittys. It's ridiculously cute.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Picnic at the Botans

botans picnic 7botans picnic 1
botans picnic 3
botans picnic 10botans picnic 9

Beating the heat, we headed to the Botanical Gardens for a picnic with Jan-Ma and The Grandfather. Saskia sported her new bonnet, lovingly handmade by a sweet friend (who spied the pattern here) and we ate last night's spanikopita on the lawns near the rainforest gully. Call me a snob, but I can't do paper plates and plastic forks. Even if carrying the picnic basket nearly kills me.

ps. I've received some comments via email that haven't posted. Not sure what's happening there...but thank you for sending them through x

Sunday, February 5, 2012

remembering to remember

first tomato of the season

I had my haircut the other day and got a head massage. The best part about a haircut, right? Bliss. But my hairdresser did this amazing thing before the massage which was so simply wonderful. It was a fancy place so I think it was their 'thing'. (Or maybe I've just been out of the salon game for too long and they do this stuff everywhere? whatever though, it totally worked for me). She dipped her fingers in Aveda Blue Oil, leant down onto my shoudlers and told me to take three long deep breaths...Three deep breaths, then a quiet easy calm.

It made me realise that I've been a bit scattered lately. Too much on my mind, too many projects I want to start, too much thinking about fun dates to fill the remaining days of K's leave.

I recently read this book and have earmarked many pages. I'm reading it again for a second time. Developing mindfulness is a challenge, but I've found I'm a better mother to Saskia when I remember to remember, when I pay attention, and stay in the present moment.

*first tomato from the garden this year