Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lofty ambitions

Over the weekend we painted the little one's room (well, actually K did - I popped my head in at times and 'supervised'). My favourite part of painting is picking out the colour chips and mulling over the selection. Least favourite part is making a decision. In the end we settled on a soft ocean green and good ol' Antique White USA. I'm dying to get some furniture in and install our Maskros pendant (that's been sitting in the box since January). To be continued...

In clearing the room for painting, K came up with the genius idea of moving our study desks to the loft - a previously under-utilised area that had become a little hideaway for the barbie and toy bag we haul out when children visit. I wasn't too sure that it would all work given the loft's sloping ceiling, but am so happy with the outcome. The space still feels connected to the living area but is tucked away just enough to not get too distracted.

New pinboard displays: a pleasant way to wile away a cloudy Autumn afternoon. If you're a bit of a dag. And are still feeling queasy and don't feel up to much. And are banished from the painting room.


  1. Your desk space looks so nicely decorated and organised. Looks like your loft space is perfect for your desks.

  2. What a beautiful, luminous space. And there's nothing daggy about re-doing your pin board. If you want to sounds all design-y, just call it a mood board and, voila, suddenly you're "curating" not re-doing!