Sunday, February 24, 2013

Simple pleasures of ordinary days

 photo DSC_0606_zps88fff170.jpg photo DSC_0727_zps1e932621.jpg photo DSC_0022-1_zpsf7f3d804.jpg photo DSC_0145-4_zpsb0145854.jpg photo DSC_0154_zps7dbd6ec3.jpg photo DSC_0160_zpsd4a62c8e.jpg photo DSC_0169_zpsa7a18c3b.jpg photo DSC_0253_zps423aedf5.jpg
From the last two weeks...
...I was surprised by her sustained and genuine interest in the animals at the zoo (especially as my mum kept laughing about how 2 year old me was more interested in the chains and fences on my first trip to the zoo)
...A different platform (a vinatge tray table) inspires a whole new way of playing
...She begs to go higher
...Are we really entering the dress up phase already? (secretly, I love this)
...A local park by the lake...
...with mosaics to unearth, tiled photographs to dust down, casuarina seeds to collect
...I love knowing she's there by my side
...Granny's gardenia: her beautiful perfume now greets us at our front door


  1. It's not often that I love every single picture in a collection - but I do love each and every one of these. seems like you've had a lovely holiday time. xx

  2. A gorgeous collection :) I love the idea of a tray table to play upon...

    Sophie xo

  3. My parents have offered to take Mark, Everly and I to the zoo this year, I can't wait! Everly is fascinated by zoo animals in all her books and on Play School so I hope she likes it.

    I love the dress-ups picture. This reminds me I have a tutu somewhere that was too big for Everly for her first birthday - perfect!

    Hope you have a lovely week m'dear! x

  4. wonderful! it seems you have one little eager girl just loving exploring her environment!

  5. Love the smell of gardenias, and the images of your little one playing and learning.

  6. lovely captures. aren't gardenia's just gorgeous?

  7. I heart that first photo soooo much, Claire!
    And I adore the smell of gardenia too.
    Ronnie xo

  8. such lovely moments. i love gardenias so much! must plant some in our garden...

  9. Love your tree tshirt Claire - is that from Canberra?

    Gardenias have such a romantic perfume. Gorgeous pics.

  10. gardenias are the best. lovin that deer-watching pic!

  11. These is a gorgeous series of photos, or should I say, moments... I especially love the mosaic unearthing (but that probably doesn't surprise you) and the gardenia, I miss them so much!

  12. i love your photos. so sweet + lovely.