Sunday, October 13, 2013


 photo Week12.jpg
I couldn't bring myself to post the photo of poor Sassy, puffy and red-eyed with a nasty bout of conjunctivitis on her second made me so sad. Even though she smiled the whole day.

I took her out for a special birthday babycino and then we met Dada, JanMa, Grandfather (Glanflarla) and Vovo in town for a ride on the carousel. I'll never forget the way she sat with a back so straight and a beaming smile ever so wide. My beautiful, beautiful two year old.

A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, as a two year old.

Taking part in Jodi's weekly portrait series


  1. Oh, she's two! Goodness time flies doesn't it. x

  2. Oh so happy to see you starting another year of portraits. I find myself struggling to get a pic for the week at times but I am so glad to have the record to look back on.
    Hope miss Sass is on the mend quickly. Poor peanut.