Sunday, December 15, 2013


 photo Wk108.jpg
One of her favourite things to do: wandering the village. Usually with a fairy wand or an umbrella (stick). Gum boots 3 sizes too big - optional.

We all set off on a walk yesterday to try and encourage this little one in my belly to make an arrival in the world. Still might be a few days away...

A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, as a two year old.

Taking part in Jodi's weekly portrait series


  1. Have been thinking of you and sending peaceful birth blessings your way. Remember that you're in that beautiful "in-between" stage, that unique space between pregnancy and birth where everything is a little hazy, very soft. Many ((((((((((oms)))))))))))))))))) xxx

  2. So excited for you all Claire! Can't wait to hear the news. Seems like only yesterday I was checking back here awaiting Saskia's arrival. Thinking of you xx

  3. Gorgeous pic...all the best for the new arrival xxx

  4. Beautiful photo. Sending you much love as you await your little one's arrival xx

  5. I was just thinking of you yesterday and hoping you were well. Sending you so much love for the coming days xxx