Sunday, December 18, 2011

2 months

2 months

2 months on and the little one... growing cheeks good enough to eat and a baby belly that just invites tickles and kisses wears 000 her best smiles first thing in the morning (which is lucky because.....)
...has had a few weeks of unsettled nights, teaching her parents the true meaning of the word patience
...graduated from swiping to spinning the wheels on her play gym, while her papa sings, You Spin me Right Round Baby
...ain't that fond of car rides (I thought this was a given?!) showers with her papa and loves staring at the flowers on the tiles
...continues to dig the sling
...will fall asleep when her mama carries her and dances to this song (I've jinxed this now, I do realise that)
...makes her parents feel their hearts expanding every day


2 months2

2 months4

2 months3


  1. I too thought that ALL babies loved car rides... My 2 month old Gus also ain't a fan! Here's to hoping they grow out of it super quick?!x

  2. So gorgeous!!

    Those first 6-8 weeks are so hard. Sounds like you are doing superb!

    Great photos too.


  3. That last photo is gold - what a cutie pie!!

    I agree .. It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job.

    I remember with my kids (especially my first) thinking that its a good thing bubbies are so cute - makes up for all of the screaming and tears in the middle of the night (both mine and theirs!)

  4. Oh, she is beautiful! 2 months already?! Xx

  5. LOVE the last photo, just gorgeous.

  6. So fast, she's grown! But still a gorgeous wee littlie :)

  7. I also believed that car rides were a given!
    Your baby girl is so beautiful :)

  8. What an especially lovely dark-eyed beauty!

  9. Ps have a fab Christmas lady, your first as a Mama, what fun times ahead xxx