Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter: The first real hunt*

 photo DSC_0856_zpsa51ae4f2.jpg  photo DSC_0789_zps2f2b93aa.jpg  photo DSC_0899_zps00bd750f.jpg  photo DSC_0677-1_zps689240ae.jpg  photo DSC_0665_zpsf8dd05c2.jpg  photo DSC_0652_zps409bb1d8.jpg
Things you loved: the chance to run amok with your three little cousins, wearing fluffy bunny ears and your birthday tutu (you twirled, and twirled and twirled), eating lunch at the littles' table with the TV turned on (you were looking at me like, get out of way), digging up Vovo's garden mid hunt,   the bunny statue you discovered in the courtyard that morning (you knelt down to give him a little kiss)...but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that eating chocolate was probably the highlight.

This year we had a mini hunt at home in the morning. Mum and Dad were at the Blues Festival so K and I hid a small Kinder chocolate from Grandfather in the courtyard, and found a little home for the bunny from JanMa. We went to Vovo's in the afternoon for lunch and the Big Backyard Hunt. Vovo gave you bunny ears and a basket and I watched you swing it round the garden, thinking how grateful and happy I am that you are going to grow up adored by, and adoring these beautiful cousins of yours.

*Last year you slept through the hunt in Vovo's backyard!


  1. Could Saskia possibly get any cuter?? What a sweet little bunny she makes. Sophie was SO excited to be allowed to egg chocolate too :) Simple pleasures :) The bunny statue in your garden is very cute. Where are Saskia's adorable shoes from? x

  2. Oh, that first photo is too sweet.... quite heart-melting too!
    Hope your Easter weekend was lovely, Claire!
    Ronnie xo

  3. too adorable! very cute bunny ears and tutu!

  4. tutu and sneakers - that's a winning combination right there! She stands like a little dancer .. :-) Happy Easter to you all - looks like it was relaxing and beautiful. x