Friday, August 16, 2013

Memorykeeping: a peek

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Memorykeeping has always been important to me. My parents kept a handmade baby album for me, bursting from its binding with cards, drawings, photos and teeny gym certificates. They also kept scrapbooks from every trip they took: Dad collected endless pamphlets and ticket stubs, and Mum wrote the captions for photos. When we were old enough to write, my parents encouraged both my sister and I to keep travel diaries. I'm so pleased that they persisted once the novelty wore off for us - they are priceless keepsakes. The habit took hold, and as a young adult adventuring around the world I found myself collecting ticket stubs, postcards and feathers, and although it sometimes felt like it was becoming a bit of a nuisance to pause and reflect when excitement beckoned, I would stay firm about writing a diary entry and pasting in the day's collection of papers and beautiful things.

The past month or so I have been working on Saskia's baby album. Watching the beautiful leather bound album triple in size. I'm nearly finished sticking in the bits and pieces I've collected over the last few years, but I still need to go back and write on each page. When I'm finished I'd love to post a little about it.

I've always been inspired by Ronnie's memorykeeping process. It's why I was a teeny bit beside myself when she put the call out for the Life:Captured workshop and I signed up straightaway. I've been counting down since early June. I'm travelling to Sydney and I'll spend my first two night's away from Saskia...


  1. Claire, I cannot wait to see inside Saskia's baby album!! I've been thinking a lot about my memory keeping systems lately (I'm a huge fan of Ronnie's and so envious you're attending her workshop... if only I lived closer!!)... while I made a first year monthly album for Grace, I've not yet completed Sophie's and while I've bought two albums for the girls to make my own 'traditional baby albums' for them, I've yet to put them together. Photos and memorabilia are such important keepsakes and lately, I've felt so nostalgic and desperate to bottle up every little detail that seems to be whizzing by as each stage of babyhood and childhood ends... I'm eager to record my memories for my girls. Can't wait to see more of your album and to hear about all you learn from Ronnie!! xx

  2. This is absolutely beautiful, Claire. Can't wait to have a peek at what's inside! Aren't those journals just gorgeous? I love the frayed page edges especially...
    I cannot tell you how much joy it brought me to finally meet you and to have you there at the workshop. I wish we could've chatted more, I really do. (And I'm also regretting not grabbing a photo together too.)
    Ronnie xoxo