Monday, June 25, 2012

8.5 months

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8.5 months and the Little One...
...had her first plane ride and taste of sunny Queensland on the move...climbing up, down, sliding backwards, rolling...attempting a crawl (so close) but prefers to walk, gripping tightly on your hands, swinging those Botticelli legs
...laughs when there's laughter (sometimes being hilariously forced bellows)
...seeks out small, teeny tiny things of interest (fluff, food crumbs, small buttons on clothing)
...busies her index finger and makes a low constant murmur when concentrating
...loves toys she can shake, like her confetti egg and maraca, and reading books that call for animal sounds
...chatters 'dada dada dada'. all. day. long.
...was fascinated with the cats that visited Uncle John and Aunty Mary's apartment
...had a tough few days with those pesky front teeth coming through
...continues to melt her mama and papa's hearts, growing more beautiful by the day

*This post was a little late as we were away on the 11th. Couldn't resist layering a holiday suit for this months's photos. She'll grow out of them soon...Oh my, it feels like only yesterday Little Sister sent the Little One To Be the sailor romper. Will post some holiday (and more romper!) pics soon.


  1. Oh she's just the sweetest thing, Claire - all eyes, cheeks and lips!

    Glad you enjoyed Qld - the romper is divine! xx

  2. she is a beautiful little girl. i can see why she melts your hearts. those eyes! xo

  3. Oh *swoon* she's positively lovely...

  4. What cute outfits and such a sweet outfit! Saskia has such pretty eyes. Sophie finds small crumbs and specks wherever she is too - I have to vacuum and sweep SO much more often now! x

  5. oh she is just *so* delightful, claire! my goodness the boys will be lining up.. ;) x

  6. I saw that little romper in instagram and my heart skipped a beat!

    And here it is again, swoon!

    xo em

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  8. shes adorable. love that little romper!

  9. Saskia is gorgeous! Everly still finds the crumbs on the floor (and eats them!) and is also going through another 'dada dada dada' chatterbox faze. I love the last photo - I can see how she melts your heart! x

  10. she is just beautiful! Love her sweet little chin:) x ashley

  11. Crikey, she is so beautiful. And that romper? Swoon!! How is she 8.5 months already?! xx

  12. awww... what a cute little sailor suit/romper!

  13. What an adorable romper! It suits Saskia perfectly : ]