Monday, March 4, 2013

Simple pleasures of ordinary days

 photo DSC_0353_zps502b37e4.jpg  photo DSC_0305_zps3c755677.jpg  photo DSC_0295-1_zps9b8b27fe.jpg  photo DSC_0289_zps354e7c2f.jpg  photo DSC_0503_zps5547532a.jpg  photo DSC_0516_zps04529578.jpg  photo DSC_0530-1_zps0392a877.jpg  photo DSC_0457-1_zpsda748415.jpg  photo DSC_0347_zps55a9315f.jpg
...this week saw the first signs of a moody Autumn. Cool winds whipping in the afternoon mean it's time for Minestrone (K calls it Miiiiiine Strone in his best superhero voice)
...In, and
...It seems as though all her leggings are morphing into pedal pushers
...We took her to a beautiful toystore in town on one of the last days of K's holidays to choose a small treat: a little animal to add to her collection. She chose a bunny. Like the ones at her new childcare centre (oh, that's another post)
...a handmade bag of tricks for a new baby born near the sea (the son of a good family friend)
...I've started working on Saskia's handbound baby book (I go weak at the sight of that stack of deckled edges).
...Another favourite from Sculpture Garden Sunday
...Finally! A nasturtium bloom!

Joining Em and creating a collection of weekly images, recording simple pleasures of ordinary days.


  1. I adore the way you dress Saskia!

  2. wonderful images, your daughter seems so inquisitive! Oh i can't wait for some autumnal weather so I can make Miiiiine strone! Happy days xx

  3. I am loving the look of that baby book :)
    Such a gorgeous array of photos.
    Claire x

  4. Gorgeous, sunny days and the cutest little friend! Love these photos!

  5. ooohhh! that book looks beautiful! i still haven't quite finished jessica's baby book and she is nearly three! it's all done except i need to bind it. i would like to get it done by the time her birthday in may rolls around so we can look at it together on her special day.
    love all your photos x

  6. What a beautiful collection of photos, your little one is gorgeous!

  7. That cookbook looks lovely, what is it? I always love a cookbook with lots of pages tagged... I really need to get around to starting a baby book of sorts for Everly. I have the etsy store bookmarked. I'm wondering what style you bought? I need helping choosing! Saskia is looking like a real little girl in these pictures! Growing up :)

    1. Oh I think you'd love the Moosewood cookbook - it's a classic! (Moosewoods is a well-known vegetarian restaurant in the States)...I bought the 10 x 10 album and customised the number of pages to suit what I needed. It is the most beautiful quality. I can barely bring myself to mark it! x

  8. Can't wait to see more of Saskia's baby album. Gorgeous photos x

  9. Is that baby book the one from Badger & Chirp?
    Love those deckled pages too!
    Ronnie xo