Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Simple pleasures of ordinary days

 photo DSC_0744_zpsede3e375.jpg photo DSC_0734_zps25640d45.jpg photo DSC_0539_zps2f3bcadb.jpg photo DSC_0546_zpse0f42258.jpg photo DSC_0645_zpsd8da2c0a.jpg photo DSC_0632_zps12eecfac.jpg photo DSC_0639-3_zps367f55b4.jpg photo DSC_0654-1_zpsa76fa787.jpg photo DSC_0680_zpse8e3cf32.jpg photo DSC_0694-2_zps05b6769f.jpg photo DSC_0728_zps96a487e4.jpg photo DSC_0845_zpscdecb636.jpg photo DSC_0603-1_zpsaee91929.jpg photo DSC_0587-1_zps57e4ec25.jpg
...some pretties for the balcony
...from the markets, the creamiest yogurt to pass my lips
...we waited for dada at the bottom of the road to greet him on his first day back at work after holidays
...peepo favourite sculpture in town city: oh to be a child again
...golden tiles
...this would be my last supper: cheese and bean papusa with a mountain of chilli sauce
...we took the Little One for a morning out in town; no trip to the city would be complete without a ride on the carousel (her first)...
...and, she couldn't get enough. And I couldn't get enough of her not getting enough. A lovely memory. outtake from the 52 project
...Happy 100 Canberra. Gosh you look good
...there's that dress up bag again
...but yesterday it was all about the wand

Joining Em and creating a collection of weekly images, recording simple pleasures of ordinary days.


  1. Beautifully colourful and creative set of shots
    The wand is fab!

  2. Ohhh a wonderful selection, that photo of S in the sun-soaked garden with her pull-along ladybug is pure magic!

  3. So many lovely photos! Makes me long for spring & summer days.

  4. her curls are gorgeous and your photos are warm, summery, and lovely- as always :)

  5. I adore the way that you portray our city! Canberra is such a lovely home, and you capture it so well.