Saturday, January 1, 2011

A very happy start to the new year

Had a lovely relaxing couple of days over Christmas and NYE. Feel very lucky as usually I seem to be flat out and frazzled around this time of year. I turned 30 on Christmas Eve and rather than plan a festival of large events I kept my promise to myself and just kept things easy and simple.

Turned out to be a great move. Had some of my most special people over at Mum and Dad's (those who weren't overseas) for a birthday dinner and slide night on the 23rd. One of my favourite memories as a young girl was when my parents would crack out the old projector and we'd lie on the living room floor giggling at Dad's 70s hairdos and outfits. There's something magical about grainy slides and the click of the projector carousel. On my actual birthday K and I met a few friends at the NGA members cafe, ate lunch up high looking over the silver gums and sculpture garden. It was lovely to have the time to wander through the gallery together without all the crowds.

Our first Christmas in the village felt special...although we really missed Meas and Rich. Mum and Dad popped over in the morning to open up presents and then we headed down the road to Uncle Tim's for lunch. It was all very relaxing and low key. Lovely.

Some of my most treasured friends took me for a birthday day trip to the country a few days ago. We barely planned a thing (apart from the lunch booking) and ended up strolling into sweet art and design stores, poking around in antique stores and eating cupcakes in a country town park. It's true, I may have turned 40, not 30. But we loved every minute. Missed a crucial part of the gang though :(

Last night we saw in the new year in a relaxed, contented fashion: a gathering out on J's property, surrounded by beautiful people, lazy sunsets and a bounty of food. I hope this is a taste of what's in store for each of us this year.

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