Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Project of the Week

*My 30th birthday present from world's best fiance...and the sweetest card and wrapping job too! What a darling...This really deserved it's own post, but that would be rubbing it in, wouldn't it?

*Dug out my Diana Mini and found a roll of film still in the camera. Love that! Could be Miami, Rio or Buenos Aires...

*To be a list-maker is a fairly common thing these days, no?

Too many times in the day I think to myself, I should do that, and then the thought flies away. Can't trust my memory. So I've tried to keep a track of all the potential projects on my TO DO wad of stickies. It's growing quickly so I'm choosing one task off the list and giving myself a week or so to do it (or at least get stuck into it).

This week's project is getting my photos in order. Actually printing them out and slipping them into albums. Nothing better than a matte 6 x 4" hot off the press. Inspired by the recent slide night and my love for order.

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