Thursday, January 27, 2011

Australia Day Picnic

Threw together some roast veggie baguettes and headed out to meet some friends at the National Museum of Australia for an Australia Day picnic. Found a shady spot and enjoyed the view. Feel a bit unpatriotic but Australia Day doesn't stir any national pride in me particularly. So I guess it was a little funny that we went to the Museum.

Really wanted to check out The Canning Stock Route exhibition but the crowds put us off. Ended up heading home for a lazy afternoon cool down in the pool and some more Mad Men. We must be the last people on earth to see it. I'd love a nighty like Betty Draper please.


  1. Your roast veggie baguettes look so wonderful, a picnic sounds like a lovely thing to do on a day off!

  2. Roast veg baguettes look just delicious. I must say Australia Day doesn't make me feel overly patriotic either. Really it's only when the whites invaded the Indigenous people anyways. Still, it is a nice excuse to gather together some friends for a feast.