Friday, January 21, 2011

Hello Friday evening, my old friend

Took ourselves out for a Brodburger down at the lake to welcome the weekend. Felt like Friday took for ever to come this week. K played around with his birthday present (the treasured Nikon) and we lay on the blanket enjoying the warm evening. We were joined at first by seagulls and magpies, and then K&D turned up (happy coincidence) - and of course Miss Mims.

The veggie burgers are pretty ace at Brodburger - fat with roast vegetable fillings and served out of a little red caravan. It looks a little basic in the dodgy long shot, but what you can't see are the fairy lights around the serving window and the menu burnt into the wooden board - all sexy 1950s tattoo style, if that makes sense?


  1. That caravan and the setting it's in, well let's just say I would NEVER have guessed that was Bowen Park! I used to live in Macquarie Street in Barton so that's very much my old stomping ground. So lovely to see how beautiful it looks. Lovely photos. And, in fact, Mr Betty and I had our first ever post-first kiss date walking along the lake in that park and watching people who were participating a professional course fishing comp! We still joke about it. I still don't know what course fishing is.

  2. Gorgeous photos! I am in love with that caravan - it's awesome!!

  3. Yes, it's such a pretty spot. I'm glad that's come through in the photos. It was a pretty magical summer evening though. Lots of people out on their picnic rugs and riding around the lake...Funny you say that about you and Mr Betty as we spotted a young couple sitting near us who looked like they might have been on a first date! I hope that doesn't make me sound like a sticky beak but it was pretty cute! Must be the relaxed vibe down by the lake that makes you feel all loved up?...

    (Thanks for commenting guys! I'm new to this game so I got a real kick out of that!)

  4. What a great way to spend a Friday evening, and those burgers look pretty good!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.. nice to meet you :)

  5. that red caravan looks awesome. photo of the timber menu board please :)
    p.s. nice to find your blog.. looks like a good one. gotta love aussie bloggers!

  6. Are you serous, that is your caravan? I want to be you!!!! Thanks so much for sussing out my silly blog, the link for those prints are in the 'my mum is warm' post. They are from etsy xxx