Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mama's making me a quilt

ink & spindle quilt1

ink & spindle quilt3

So many lovely things coming in the mail lately. I'm such a fan of ordering online - the anticipation of a parcel is so much better than the instant gratification that comes with lugging a plastic bag out of a store, wouldn't you agree?

The Ink & Spindle Allsorts Quilt Kit is one of the goodies that arrived in the past week. So beautifully packaged too. I admired it unopened on the coffee table for a while! My mum promised me she'd make a quilt for the little one, but had given away a lot of her old fabric a few years ago as her quilting days (she thought) were long gone. I'd been keeping my eye out for patterns on the internet - something that could look a little wonky and imperfect, given that Mum was protesting that she might be a little rusty - and came across this beautiful kit sourcing the link for one of my previous posts.

I love that Ink & Spindle hand screenprint their fabrics and make efforts to ensure they are ethical and sustainable. Plus they just seem like really sweet ladies having fun in their studio. I wish I had the time at the moment to create a little stash of my own screenprinted fabric, but I'm not a superwoman and think my time is best spent in a non-toxic environment (i.e. at the sewing table!). Am sure it'll be a lovely project for Mum and I to work on together in those last few weeks...if the hormones stay in check!

Ps. Thank you for all your lovely supportive comments on my last post. We had a scan at the hospital today which came up clear. In fact the little one looked very cosy and happy in there, pouting and blinking and curled up like a yogi. Apparently the little one is a little one (at this stage), being on the 'petite' side of the scale - but still well clear of the danger zone. Phew!


  1. lady, im so glad to hear about your little one. I so understand that angst.

    That fabric is STUNNING! i cant wait to see the room once it is done

    xo em

  2. So glad to hear that all is well, and that the scan was able to put you at ease (plus its always nice to get another sneak peak at your little one). My little one was also a 'little one' throughout my pregnancy and birth, but has caught up very well, I can't get him to stop eating these days!
    Rhi x

  3. Ooh, I just bought a piece of the yellow sea print - with the octopus and pirate ships and stuff - it's so lovely!! That will make an awesome quilt.
    (PS Teehee, I've never felt the hiccups since.. maybe I imagined it? Glad the wee one is all well)