Saturday, July 30, 2011

imp'ish: inclined to do slightly naughty things for fun



How you you resist a little piece this cute...especially when it has an equally sweet tagline? Just a quick peek at one of the 'slightly naughty' internet purchases I've made for the little one. Quick stats on imp'ish: designed in NZ, handmade in India using organic cotton, created by people who receive a fair wage and work in a healthy safe environment. Good for you clothing.

This was purchased from the beautifully curated 'online shoppe', I Ran the Wrong Way, a thoughtful and considered array of good finds. (As well as charming clothes for little babes they stock another of my favourite children's books, The Black Book of Colours, and lovely goodies for the home.)

This isn't an advertisement! Just a recommendation for a beautiful range of clothing for the little ones and a great spot for online shopping...I've picked up so many beautiful goodies thanks to other blogs so I'm just sharing the love.


  1. So cute and gorgeous! It is nice to have a few new things for a brand new little baby. I'm off to check out that site, if only to window shop, as there is just nothing as cute as well made baby clothes. And I do hope you and that bump are well xo

  2. I'd wear that if it came it big people's sizes.