Friday, May 27, 2011

Meet Kelvin




One of my most favourite things in our house. Yes, it's a fridge.

We bought this guy at a garage sale for a cheeky $50. I think the woman selling the fridge was highly amused by my reaction to finding it tucked away up the back of their garage. K and I sanded and repainted it, put in a new seal, and now it works beautifully.

I just wonder about the lack of space in the freezer section. Most baby books talk about freezing meals in the lead up to the birth so you have some dinners on hand...We can't fit much more than a tub of ice cream, some frozen peas and left over lasagne sheets. Hmmmm...


  1. Meals on Wheels will have to suffice! Or you can call on your nearest and dearest for some home cooked meals, at theirs, not yours. x

  2. oh wow, super nice fridge!
    as long as you have ice cream you will be fine ;)

  3. Cool fridge and love the little arrangements on it. I froze about five days of dinners, some bread and biscuit dough before my last baby was born and it did come in really handy. But surprisingly, the first night I was home I felt like cooking dinner. Perhaps a friend, neighbour or family member has some extra freezer space? Or a chest freezer in the garage? (would love to get one myself!)

  4. If I weren't married, I would like to date Kelvin. He's beautiful.

  5. I found a fridge just like Kelvin when I was a uni student. It, too, was squeaky love at first glimpse. I carted mine around to every home I had. I even put it in storage when I went overseas. Then, in our last move, it disappeared. Just like that. Gone. The removalist offered compensation. But nothing replaces a fridge like Kelvin.

    Oh and I love your tea trolley/lamp table deco mirror beautiful display in the background. Gorgeous!