Wednesday, September 7, 2011

36 weeks

36 weeks

Time for another bare belly shot, I thought. Before it's gone. (Just excuse the daggy nursing bra).

I am endlessly fascinated by how this little one fits and feels within my body. The round, firmness of a pregnant belly is just so soothing...and it's a beautiful feeling to know you are carrying a precious little being around with you.

We had our check up with the midwife today and were pleased to hear that the little one is 3/5 engaged, perched in a lovely position, head down with spine curved gently on my left side. I've been practicing cat pose (when I remember) and being careful not to slouch on the sofa or in the car, so maybe my diligence has paid off. It comes at a price though (one I'm very happy to pay for a well-positioned babe, mind you)...I can't enjoy a long soak on my back in the bath anymore. Boo.

Speaking of such matters, we're planning on having a water birth (all going well) as the idea really appeals to me and they can facilitate this at the birth centre we are going to, so any advice, reading or links on this subject are more than welcome. Is it very different to a birth 'on land'?

Ps. Big love to Meu Amor, Papa-to-be. Who I know will make the most achingly beautiful father. Hope you liked your fathers day reads - one for you and the little one...and one for just you.



  1. you look lovely! and many blessings for your waterbirth x

  2. You look absolutely amazing! Kellie xx

  3. What a lovely belly you've got :) Great news about bub's head being engaged. I received pretty much the opposite news yesterday which wasn't what I wanted to hear. Someone the other day told me they had a water birth, I'm trying to remember who it was... if I do, will let you know their thoughts x

  4. Looking good :)
    I did part of my labor in water and it was pretty interesting! Only one little advice: don't let the water get too warm (I normally "cook" myself when I take a bath but while in labor it is not a good thing)!!!

  5. So much nesting goodness and that beautiful belly is divine!

    As for a water birth...towards the end of labour the water helps with the intensity and ultimately makes the transition for baby smoother. I noticed with che (born high on the bed) that crowning hurt more. With Poet I felt pressure of her head but not pain.

    And sweet Claire - your package arrived and Poet adores her book. I've read it to her a couple of times and she looks on with lots of interest. Seems she has a keen eye for stylish design already xxx

  6. Getting exciting now! So close.

    I would have loved to have a water birth, but it wasn't an option at either of the hospitals my girls were born in. I spent a lot of time in the shower during labour though.. the water was so soothing.

    Whenever I've felt a bit sick or in pain though water has always made me feel better and I'm sure if would have been that way during birth too.