Tuesday, September 20, 2011

If a baby drops out of your tummy when you're shopping...

If a baby drops out of your tummy

Will do.

When I was 10 years old our family went to live in England for a year. Most weekends, we would head out for a walk in the countryside somewhere, visit a castle or ruins and have a Sunday meal at the pub. Along the way we would often duck into charity shops or stumble across a car boot sale. It was on one of these trips that I picked up a series of books of children's sayings compiled by Nanette Newman. They are total classics.

I came across them when we were unpacking books for the nursery and had a good old giggle.

Read on for a chuckle.


footballers on telly


the stapler



  1. too funny, especially that first one! x

  2. on that note, my friends obstetrician told her that if her water broke while she was out to break 'accidentally drop' a bottle of white vinegar in the same spot cause that would cover it up.

    strange but true :)

  3. So cute... and it's funny to see our old things from an adult perspective.

  4. ohhhhh !!!!! hahaha my favourite was 'but she can only do milk' x georgi

  5. They are hilarious! I used to laugh at some of the things my younger students would write and say :)

    Will have to remember Anna's vinegar tip above :)
    Hope you're keeping well luv and resting up x

  6. The last one did actually make me laugh out loud. Who knew?

  7. the sex maniac one was always my favourite!!!

  8. ohh yes I remember these!! I too lived in the UK & came out to Oz almost 30years ago. I still have such fond childhood memories of all the little things from the UK. Thanks for sharing these :)

  9. these are pure gold! thanks for leaving a comment so i could follow you here : )

  10. Oh, that is VERY funny.... soooo very cute.
    Ronnie xo