Monday, September 5, 2011


teeny tiny washing2

French bloomers

teeny tiny washing

So I've skipped a bump post...and whilst that troubled me for a few days I've decided to embrace a more accepting attitude. I'm starting to realise that you can't be a perfectionist when raising a bebe.

It's been lovely to slow down over the last week or so...notice where the sun falls in corners of our house, gently rinse the wondersuits, master the art of brewing a pot of tea, pick small posies to pop in each room and send emails or letters I've been meaning to write for some time.

The sweet little bloomers (oops - I mean romper! I'm such an amatuer!) you can see in the middle pic are part of a present sent by Little Sister. She picked them up from a vintage store in Paris. Natch. Needless to say, I couldn't resist taking a photo of teeny tiny clothes drying on the clothes horse - I know it's probably done to death, but it really does melt your heart.


  1. Gorgeous photos - baby clothes always look so cute hanging like that - looks like our place at the moment - I spent yesterday taking advantage of the sunshine to wash all the basinette bedding so it's nice and fresh.

    Sounds like you've been doing exactly what you should be since stopping work - pottering and nesting and enjoying special little daily pleasures x

  2. I took photos of my baby washing in the last few weeks too. I think it is an exciting and significant event for a mum-to-be. And that little outfit is just gorgeous. The birdies are cute too!

  3. melts my heart too, lovely photos. x

  4. It's so nice to take some time to stop and relax a little before your little baby arrives and be in the moment by yourself. Your baby washing looks very sweet. I always enjoyed seeing baby clothes on my line when my girls were babies. x

  5. It's a summer romper, not bloomers ;)
    Glad they finally arrived and you like them

  6. I am so jealous of that romper! Teeny tiny washing on the line melts my heart too. Kellie xx