Thursday, September 22, 2011

38 weeks

38 weeks

I've been thinking so much about the little one lately. Mainly wondering what he/she will look like (will they have K's bubba lips, his chocolate skin, my funny nose, my little 'pincer' fingers!)...but also of course, whether the little one is a little boy or a little girl. I still don't have a strong feeling either way. In the beginning of my pregnancy people were telling me with certainty that my baby was a boy...but now some good friends, and both K's mum and my mum have changed their minds. But really, who knows? I just thought it would be fun record what people thought and look back at the predictions later...

Another kind of prediction you can't avoid as a mama-to-be is the old, when will the baby be born. My due date is in early October and very close to my Granny's birthday so was always happy to know that the babe would be born around this time...and every Libran I know is a beautiful soul.

But anytime you want to make that journey, little one, is fine with me. I'm feeling ready. I'm armed with positive thoughts, and an open attitude, and can't wait to embrace every moment of this amazing experience.

Just wait until your papa gets back from Melboune please. (tomorrow afternoon)


  1. I've been thinking about the boy/girl quandry too. We think it's a boy, and so do most other people, but who really knows. We don't mind at all either way! In my head I always picture a mini-Ben kicking about in my belly though :)

    You're looking blooming lovely, that belly is really popping now. Enjoy the last few days/weeks (hours?!) of this beautiful time lovely xx

  2. Same here, who really knows. I'm 39 weeks and always had a feeling towards the boy-side. Everyone else says, it's a girl. That makes me kind of question my first motherly instincts.
    But hey, we'll see soon.

    Our due date is Oct. 5, but I vow for the period between Oct. 9-12.

    Wish you some happy and restful days!

  3. Wow! You look gorgeous.

    And carrying low? Maybe it is a girl?

    Rest up, xx

  4. You have such a gorgeous bump! I know what you mean about not having any vibes about boy/girl - I don't have any strong feelings either about what we're having. A lady in a shop a few weeks back said I was having a boy, then when I saw her the other day, she'd forgotten she'd already given me a prediction and was adament I was having a girl :)

  5. It's such an exciting time waiting for your first bub to arrive. I'm looking forward to all the pics and stories to come.