Saturday, November 12, 2011

1 month

1month portrait

One month on and the little one is...
...getting to know her Mama and Papa K slowly and in beautiful ways
...quite an alert little thing, with those steel blue eyes darting around when awake
...loving bath time
...feeding well
...testing Mama and Papa from the hours of 7pm to midnight most nights
...taking rides in the pram around the village and getting to know the calls of the birds and the bumps and twists in the path
...charming the pants off her grandparents, family, friends and strangers in cafes her sweetest when snuggled up on her Papa's chest making sweet cooing sounds...our little dove
...a strong little lady, holding her head up already and kicking like Kewell at toilet time
...bringing her Mama and Papa more joy than they could ever imagine

One month on and Mama is...
...struggling to write blog posts...but knows that you'll all understand...falling in love with your baby takes priority (and most waking hours)...hope to be back soon with more on the ride that is motherhood.

1month portrait7

1month portrait5

1month portrait6

roses from mum's garden
While we're on the topic of all things beautiful...Roses for Saskia Rose from Jan-Ma's garden.


  1. She looks so beautiful! No wonder you can't bring yourself to blog :)

  2. she's so beautiful. everyone understands. even sans bebe, real life takes over sometimes .. i love her eyes! take care. xo georgi

  3. what a sweetie! (and that there teapot looks mighty appealing too :)

  4. Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

    Enjoy your babymoon. I loved those first few weeks.

    Sleep is the MOST important thing to a new Mum. When she sleeps, try and have a nap too.

    More pics soon please!


  5. What a cutie ... those eyes are gorgeous.
    And I love your tea pot too!!

  6. One month!? That went insanely quickly, she doesn't look like a newborn anymore! She's a beautiful wee bebe.

  7. Beautiful photos of your beautiful bundle! Love reading about these early stages - takes me back 9 months ago... so lovely. Enjoy every precious moment x

  8. Look at those gorgeous eyes!! She's a real cutie. Glad to hear things are going well for both Mama and bub x