Friday, November 18, 2011



She's craves closeness at the moment. Lying tummy to tummy, tucked up in the sling, or nestled into the crook of an arm. So very precious.

According to research this type of behaviour comes right before a baby's developmental leap. Her world is changing and she feels a bit overwhelmed so she wants to cling to her Mama.

Knowing this makes me all the more happier about carrying her around with me or snuggling with her more than usual. I'm aware it won't last forever so I'm soaking up every minute of the time spent close to my baby girl... I think I even look forward to that quiet time, pacing the hall at night, patting her off to sleep and listening to her breathing slow down to soft sighs.

...and for those of you admiring the teapot snapped in my last post, it is part of a special edition tea set by Kat Macleod...while we're talking about that clever lady (and friends at Ortolan), pop in here for a laugh and sign up for some inbox's forecast made me laugh. Out loud.


  1. There's nothing like it. She's just beautiful x

  2. I'm finding the same thing at the moment with my little 'koala' Sophie constantly clinging to me :) as you say though, this phase won't last forever so I'm appreciating the cuddles at this stage. Hope all is going well, have been thinking about you lots x

  3. Oh my dear God, that picture is just the most beautiful. And it makes my ovaries clang! Seems just a few months ago my little koalas were clinging to me...

  4. aww, bless.
    and am appreciating both the teapot and the developmental link. bookmarked!

  5. Oh I want one! She is just divine!

    Sal x

  6. I have three beautiful children and when they were growing up I often heard that by picking them up lots you were spoiling them. I've never heard such rubbish. Holding them lots lets them know they are safe and loved and wanted :)
    Enjoy those cuddles

  7. the best moments heart to heart :-)

  8. Ohmygoodness...Saskia is adorable. These are precious times. This photo reminds me of how much I'm looking forward to showering our second little baby with endless cuddles. x

  9. Oh my god this makes my heart melt! she is just beautiful. I remember Rosie always slept like this. For the first few months of her life it was the ONLY way! Savour it, it goes so quickly... xx

    ps. she slept like that recently when she was unsettled, and after about 15 minutes I thought my ribs would collapse!

    pps. the limerick was maybe my favourite comment ever!