Monday, November 21, 2011

Because you're never too young to read...

reading my dad

reading my dad2

I think she's got a favourite book already.


  1. What beautiful moments to have had captured. I absolutely agree, never too young :)

  2. these pictures are too sweet for words :)

  3. How beautiful! My babe's still ripening in the womb (going on 30 weeks) and I like to read poetry aloud. No, never too young I say!

    p.s. Your blog is a lovely place to be x

  4. She's so beautiful. I am so excited about our little friend arriving. Roll on the next 7 weeks....xx

  5. She's such a cutie. I love reading to babies, especially when they're hitting that 6 week age and all of a sudden seem so aware of everything. Hope you're all going well :)

  6. My first born didn't sleep much - two half hour naps followed by a twelve hour sleep at night. As a result, I amused her by reading all the classics out loud - first the wind in the willows, followed by the magic pudding, snugglepot and cuddle pie.....she's 17 now and a great reader :)
    Treasure these moments - they grow up so fast

  7. Precious photos. I would be so grateful for your story. I guess it is very much up to you how you approach your story - that is, after all what it's all about. Some things to kick start you might be thinking about: Did you always want to be a mum? What was your conception/pregnancy journey like? Your labour, the first few precious weeks of adjustment, what you are finding the most wonderful/challenging etc. etc. hopes for the future...any or all of these things could be in your story. xxx