Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dancin' shoes

heidi party shoes

We went to a charming little engagement party this weekend. My best friend (and cousin) is marrying her lovely American beau and we all gathered to toast the beginning of, what is sure to be, a beautiful life together.

Naturally Saskia was wearing her best party outfit - which included her exquisite new pair of Heidi Walks shoes. Big love to this blogging genius and the Heidi Walks crew for putting together the giveaway. Her first pair of dancin' shoes. Bless.

The party was held in and around vintage trains which are part of the family's bed and breakfast accommodation. It's a pretty special place ordinarily, but for this occasion the carriages had been dolled up with strings of lanterns and buntings, and freshly picked posies and old tablecloths decorated the tables on the train's verandah. At night we all danced to records and hung out on hay bales dragged up to the side of the dance floor.

I have to say we only lasted until 11pm though. Little One was just beside herself with excitement and loved the funk and soul music just a little bit too much. A long, dark and quiet trip home was enough to send her off to sleep...

Ps. Did I mention that I baked 50 red velvet cupcakes for the party? Crazy pre-baby idea that was pulled off successfully...thanks to my own dear Mum for spending all day Friday cuddling the Little One while I mixed, poured and baked those little red gems. Great recipe from here.

engagement party1

engagement party4

engagement party2

engagement party3


  1. i've used those cupcake liners before - so pretty! and i love the first photo a lot. xo georgi

  2. Looks beautiful! I am yet to taste a red velvet cupcake...yum!

  3. Seriously cute shoes! And those cupcakes - Yummo!

  4. I'm so glad she likes them, may they inspire many a dance off!! Xx

  5. What a beautiful space you have here!
    Your little Saskia looks divine in her new shoes an I just love her name! x

  6. Awesome shoes, and pretty pretty party decorations. Plus go you on the 50 cupcakes! xx

  7. Gorgeous shoes...perfect for partying in! I have mentally filed this away in case we have another girl (but I have a funny feeling we're having a boy!). x