Sunday, February 12, 2012

4 months

4 months 2 4 months 4 months 3
4 months on and the Little One... full of smiles and endless curiosity (this is a sweet age, no?) us eat with big old saucer eyes
...wears 00 and 000 (mama was a bit too quick to pack away the triples it seems, but quietly feels relieved that this slows down the sense of her little lady growing up too quickly) mesmerised by the hoot hoots in the mobile above her change table
...loves standing with your assistance, on her insistence (on knees, bellies, tables, the grass...)
...carries some good chub her thumb to the side of the mouth...and sometimes tries to squeeze it in during a feed!
...could use a toy drum with all the ferocious banging that happens
...had her first giggle fit and hasn't looked back
...gets propped on her belly atop cushions so she can take in the action...this one don't wanna be to be lying flat on her back
...thrives on a change of scenery
...hasn't lost the sparkle in her eye
...makes her mama and papa wonder how life could get any sweeter

*That fringe kills me... (no, I didn't cut it)


  1. Oh she's absolutely gorgeous! I like how you're capturing all her milestones like this. x

  2. Beautiful. I love how their hair does strange things :-) and I don't think she will ever lose the sparkle in her eyes. X

  3. oh dude- she is too cute!! Such a wonderful way to keep the memories!

    I'll be off to the post office tomorrow to post her bloomers!! Lucky you snapped them up when you did, we've had a few other enquiries.

    xo em

  4. Boy she's gorgeous! I think I post a comment that says vaguely the same thing every time you post about her... But she really is a delight.

    Sal x

  5. She is divine! Love that last pic. And a great way to record your little bub growing up! I might steal it for my 3 week old boy ;) xx

  6. She is too cute... those eyes, that mouth and that fringe! I agree, this is such a beautiful age. Can you believe 4 months already? x

  7. What a lovely list. I have a five month old (actually she's 6 next week - eek!) and it's just such a gorgeous age. x