Friday, February 10, 2012


hand quilting 3cloth

About to start...the hand quilting part. Have been stalled at this bit for a while. Bought a thimble today so can't blame lack of tools anymore. I'm looking forward to draping the quilt over my lap at nights, sewing tiny stitches - just finding it hard to decide how to approach the various designs.

Started...our cloth adventure (finally). After buying our nappies way back here we decided to use disposables in the first few months until we were feeling ready to master the art of cloth. It's pretty simple with modern cloth nappies though...nothing like the terry & pins variety my mum used for me.

*The lovely Claire has done a very comprehensive post on going cloth. Plus she's included a delightful photo of the beautiful Gus in a basket of Itty Bittys. It's ridiculously cute.


  1. You and Claire are way ahead of me... I feel so guilty reading your posts! I have a stash of cloth nappies that have been sitting waiting to be used since before Gus was born... I was so against the idea of using disposables but I am really struggling with the thought of ditching them! x

    1. as i said to claire...if we hadn't bought them before saskia was born, it would be too easy to keep using disposables...let's just say it's been a gradual transition!

  2. Thanks for the shout out - have fun with those nappies! Lordy, I can't imagine crafting anytime soon, nice work (Gus' room features lots of the yellow Ink & Spindle ocean fabric, love it).
    (and glad you and Syke met up. I never actually got to meet Josie, how rubbish is that, damn)