Monday, March 26, 2012


nursery and rainbow

Thank you for the sunshine, Miss Milky and Joanna.

This award is doing the rounds so I'm going to join in and give you a glimpse into some of my favourite things. My blog is rather focused on the Little One at the moment - being a stand-in baby book until I get my act together to record our special memories on paper and
paste in the bits and pieces I've collected over the last year - so it feels a little strange to be writing about myself...

Favourite colour?
50s mint green

Favourite animal?

Favourite non-alcoholic drink?
I'm a tea kind of girl, and am totally addicted to Dilmah's Rose with French Vanilla at the moment. Is anyone else there with me?! Before this obsession started you would have found Lady Grey tea leaves in my pot.

Facebook or twitter?

Favourite number?
8. Love the symmetry. And this was always my number when I played soccer.

Favourite day of the week?
Saturday. Garage sales and crepes for brunch. Plus I get to watch my lover and Little One delight in each other.

My passions?
My Little One, screen-printing, creating a cosy and happy home, yoga, travelling (near and far), early childhood art education and collecting recipes from family and friends with stories.

Getting or giving presents?
Meu Amor will read this so I better be honest and say both. But I really do love planning presents and creating homemade cards.

Favourite pattern?
This was the one I had the most trouble answering...Both Saskia and I have wardrobes full of stripes and polka dots, and I find myself always drawn to bold Scandi patterns...but for it's charm and timelessness, I'd have to say the Liberty Wiltshire print.

Favourite flower?
Poppies, and the gardenias I inherited from my Granny (which live by our front door).

And now I'd like to pass some sunshine onto these ladies:

Happy Monday x


  1. Ooo you love elephants too! Check out my elephant cushions, I would love to make one for Saskia if you are interested. xx

    1. Katrina, they are so sweet! Saskia loves handmade toys ;) Will be in touch when there's some room in the budget! x

  2. Love reading a little more about you! x

    1. ...and your blog is now on my roll - love reading more about you (and your sweet family) too! x

  3. you have such great sunshine :)
    thanks for picking me!

    1. Something tells me you'll have some pretty sweet sunny answers :)

  4. Very well deserved and so nice to learn more about you!

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  6. Going to have to try that Rose with French Vanilla, bet it smells as good as it tastes! xx

  7. Thank you so much for the mention (and sorry it took me so long!). Your pictures in these recent posts are indeed very sunshiney and I can't get over how Saskia has grown. Loving your shelves with all their wooden and reading goodness. I must get some more books for Violet. It seems the older two have so many, but Violet's "library" hasn't been added to or updated for quite some time!