Monday, July 23, 2012

Sew, Craft

craft1 craft2
A while back I won an online sewing course on Cintia's fun little blog, and started Sew School last week. Jodie uploads weekly notes, videos and projects, and is around on the school's website or facebook page to answer any questions. It's such a great idea. We made nifty little drawstring bags (shoe bags for travel?) for our first project. I was a wee bit proud. (Baby steps, folks, baby steps).

I think I've been stuck on cushions for way too long, so it'll be a good chance to learn some new tricks. I have a stack of sweet books with lovely projects (this one was a present for my birthday and this one I've just borrowed from the library) - and a growing stash of new and vintage fabric.

Now that I've finished hand sewing the Little One's quilt (hours of love in that thing, I tell you), I'm working on a few other little crafty projects before I begin the next (and final!) stage, the binding process...


  1. How fun! I should take a sewing course too. I have been teachig my self. I just made my first quilt for my boys first birthday. Those fabrics you have a really cute!

  2. Oh what fun!! I'm in the middle of making a cushion for Soph's nursery :) And I've started buying mint and pink fabrics for her quilt - Grace's took me so long I figure if I start Sophie's now, it should be ready by the time she's into a bed!! :) Will look forward to seeing what you sew... xx

  3. Love a bit of crafty goodness, especially when the weather is so cold! xx

  4. I so (sew!) need to do a course like this

  5. That's such a great idea! I have to go to my grandparents' place and learn with the old precious sew machine they have. Lack of time is my worst enemy, but it is a kind of goal for me :)


  6. Hello!!! I love your blog. What is the easiest way to email you?

    1. I've just included an email in the profile in the top righthand corner x