Tuesday, July 31, 2012


All of a sudden the Little One is pulling out all kinds of tricks..seemingly out of nowhere. But I guess she's been watching and waiting for her time. A little like the first crawl.

Up until now the Fun Factory (above - I am just calling it as it is folks, it's written there on the wood) was purely for chewing on and pushing over. Just the other day I watched her pull it from the bottom of the tea trolley, inspect and chew the rings (as usual), and then, full of purpose, place a ring over the spoke. I watched her do it again. And again. Wanting K to see her new skills, I grabbed the camera, but by then she was ready to move on. Fun Factory was old news. Next trick.

We've been reading books almost everyday. Her choice. She'll pull them from the trolley and pass them up to me. She sits (still - the only time she does) on my lap and I read into her ear. We read the same handful of books. One of her favourites is Goodnight Moon, which was my favourite as a little girl. The other day she handed me the book and I read into her ear, Goodnight clocks, and goodnight socks. Goodnight little house, and goodnight mouse. She pointed to her mouth.

I'll count that as a trick. Then I asked her, Where is your nose, Saskia, and she pointed that chubby little finger slowly up to her nose. Beaming. Both Little One and mama.


  1. Amazing!! So cool how they're watching and waiting and taking it all in, before it's their time to pull out the tricks! X

  2. Lovely book...and lovely tricks

  3. Oh it's just so amazing when they really start motoring along with the things they can do. I love how babies surprise you like that. Beautiful x

  4. oooooowww 'nose'. seriously, how amazingly beautiful is it to watch them learn and develop. Ohhh the heart swelling pride!

    xo em

  5. Such exciting times at this age!! I loved reading about your darling girl's new tricks and felt so proud for you :) What a clever little girl. I think it's really lovely you're sharing one of your favourite books - I do the same with my girls x