Friday, November 23, 2012

13 (and a bit) months

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13 (and a bit) months and the Little One... longer walks, she runs
...has settled into a blissful daytime nap routine (for now!)
...sings along to 5 Little Ducks (wack, wack, wack, wack), 10 in the Bed (wol o wa, wol o wa), Fish and Mice (barks out little sounds when the children repeat the words Holly sings) right into lids (on, off, on, off), her new tea set, the yellow Fisher Price bus, Teddy Oswald (teddor), the hose or watering can, listening to her two cds (this and this), and of course, the camera
...dances, oh she dances (every time Dada walks through the door we've started doing a little jig)
...loves scrambled eggs, happy cow cheese, yakult (sugar and mini bottle = what a combo!), and steamed broccoli (finally, a win)
...met her Uncle Rich for the first time and charmed the pants off him

...thinks jumping is the funniest. thing. ever.
...delights and amuses her parents every day

*I hope you can see the little animated photo at the bottom? I just love the look she gives in the third photo of the sequence...I'm not a technical person at all, but that was super easy to do. Watch out! I'm addicted!
**The perfectionist in me wants to point out that a (retrospective) 12 month post is coming soon!


  1. love that first picture and the cute singing, can just imagine it! x

  2. What a magic age!! They just bring so very much joy don't they?! She is a doll and radiates good health, happiness and spirit. Gotta love a poppet with a it of spunk ;)
    Hope all is lovely :) x

  3. What a little sweet heart - I love her expression in the second shot of the animation. Such a beautiful age full of fun, laughter and discovery x

  4. So cute, I have an 11 month old and it is amazing how fast the time goes!

    I am giving away a month planner, meal planner and shopping list pad and pencil for the fridge if you want to check it out

  5. very cute. I love the cute expression in the first shot.

  6. Nawww, love all the photos and that she has discovered broccoli, brilliant! Where did you make the animated photos? Love em. Xx ashley

    1. Thanks lovely! It was super easy - just check out If I can do it, anyone can! x

  7. From reading this post, I think our two little ones would hit it off quite well ; )

  8. She's adorable! And although she will eat almost everything, I will admit defeat with broccoli, but the expressionism her face as she spits it out is priceless!