Thursday, December 20, 2012

14 months

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14 months and the Little One...
...entertains us with her animal sounds - oink (with a crazy tongue roll) and roar (always whispered) are some of the favourites
...astounds us with her words (hat, apple, shoe, por favor, teddy, agua) and song lines (e-i-e-i-o, row row, roll over)
...has a fire in her (Brazilian) belly, and has thrown some thoroughly dramatic tantrums (just like her mama, I'm told)
...loves to play lady (wear a necklace, carry a bag or poach mama's hat)
...understands more than we realise
...sometimes wakes us up with noisy kisses
...will happily eat weetbix, lentil burgers and pikelets
...went on her first $2 ride (and I guess there's no turning back...)
...makes her mama and dada feel oh so lucky, oh so grateful

*Can you tell I've given up trying to get a shot where she's looking into the camera? These photos taken in JanMa's front yard, where again, there are many little friends to say hello to, hiding about the place. The wombat family near the front steps are clear favourites and they each get a kiss.


  1. How sweet is Saskia kissing that wombat?!? Heart melting :) Love that she wears your necklace :) Sophie has taken to carrying around my satin nightie lately, wearing it around her neck like a scarf. As for those tantrums, Sophie will often drop face flat down on the floor when she gets frustrated :) Sounds like your little one's vocab is really coming along x

  2. What a dear little girl :) I look forward to these monthly portraits and descriptions of her growing personality. Also, what style! I want an adult version of her entire outfit xx

  3. I know what you mean about Saskia not looking into the camera! It seems as that age it's impossible. I'm doing ridiculous things to get my little one to look up haha ; )

  4. Saskia is such a sweetie. x

  5. I love the swinging necklace and the wee feet towards the bottom - so lovely to read these monthly snippets - love that "roar" is sweet. xx

    ps. Seems like you always have such beautiful vibrant colours in your pictures.. Your JanMa's front yard seems so lush! x

  6. love that round bottom. those months just flew by for me. i am so blessed to be starting the journey all over again. xx