Sunday, May 15, 2011

This time one year ago...

...we were setting off on our Around the World adventure. London, Barcelona, Stockholm, New York City, New Orleans, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Buenos Aires. Photos in that order. Happy to pass on any travel tips if you're heading to any of these places. I do tend to focus on tucked away cafes, crafty stores, markets and swanky hotel bathrooms....just warning you.

Tea at Liberty, London

Detail at Park Guell, Barcelona

Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Walking the High Line, NYC

Oak Alley Plantation, New Orleans

Art deco details, Miami

Cristo Redentor, Rio

Plaza of the Three Powers, Brasilia

San Telmo, Buenos Aires

*Tea at Liberty, London
*Detail at Park Guell, Barcelona
*Gamla Stan, Stockholm
*Walking the High Line, New York City
*Oak Alley Plantation, New Orleans
*Art Deco district, Miami
*Cristo Redentor, Rio
*Plaza of the Three Powers, Brasilia
*San Telmo, Buenos Aires


  1. oak alley is the only one i've been to on my list. i thought it was beautiful, but sad too. did you love n'arlins? my mum lives there, so i've been a few times. how good are beignets?? x captn

  2. Pretty photos, especially love the one of Liberty and of Stockholm. Isn't it amazing doing "one year ago" look-backs! My life from year to year has been changing sooo much and it's amazing to look back.

  3. A truly beautiful collection of travel photos. You have captured well the beauty in the detail. I love that last building which has worn so well with age. And I could certainly daydream about having tea at such a place as your first photo.

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog... such a journey you're in. I've been doing lots of thinking recently about where I was a year ago. I was about a third of the way through my pregnancy and just starting to get my head around it! Probably about where you are now! Happy to give any info about slings etc if you need it...