Thursday, May 26, 2011

21 weeks

21 weeks

Feeling better each day. Sometimes I don't even think about how I'm feeling until someone asks me, which is a good thing.

I love that the kicks are getting more frequent and stronger. Always first thing in the morning the little one is so active and K and I lie in bed for as long as we can saying, oh yes I felt that, did you? It's such a precious way to start the day.

Had what I think may have been ligament pain or perhaps some Braxton Hicks pains yesterday. I was talking to some colleagues at a morning tea yesterday and felt the most intense period-like pain come on. Had to squat in a little ball in the work toilets for a minute or so until it went. Was quite strange and a little scary! I read that it's possible to feel BH pains from 20 weeks although some women don't feel pain at all.

I convinced myself that it was the few sips of strong plunger coffee that I had which brought them on! For months I haven't been able to stomach tea or coffee (although I have the occassional herbal tea), but in the last few weeks I've found myself seduced by the smell of coffee brewing and allow myself a cup once or twice a week. Sadly, my regular cups of Lady Grey tea just don't taste the same - but I'm starting to come around to (and crave) hot cups of sweet leaf chai tea brewed in soy...

Pps. Blogger was playing up for me last night so this post is extra late.


  1. It's so nice following your progress being just a week ahead of me. Those pains would have been scary, I remember some different episodes of pain with Grace - one night was particularly bad, doctor said it was probably her pressing on a nerve. I went off tea in those first months too, now I'm desperate for several cups a day :) The movements are so reassuring aren't they, Paul felt a kick the other day too which was exciting. My obstetrician said my placenta is at the front so I won't feel as many kicks as normal in these early days of movement.

    P.S I'm decorating our nursery in grey and aqua/mint green :)

  2. I never really had Braxton Hicks contractions. It must be so strange and scary! When I was pregnant, I had coffee every saturday and a lot of hot chocolate (pretty much every morning). And now I would love a soy chai tea :) Take care!

  3. argh, I've tried leaving comments Claire but can't seem to.. one last go. Basically thanks for dropping by, love your blog and house, and am enjoying a preview of what's in store for me by following your progress : )