Saturday, May 14, 2011

Buys for baby

Sweet star tee

Fete finds...children's books

Slowly adding to the pile of baby clothes. Found some beautiful organic cotton tees at Target with a sweet star detail for a bargain $6.40 so snaffled a few of those up. Still find it hard to find unisex outfits. Why won't baby stores stock more soft or strong greens, eggshell blues and cherry reds?

Also picked up a few bright pairs of leggings at a school fete and couldn't go past the children's book section without selecting a couple to add to the (rapidly expanding) collection. Janet and Allan Ahlberg are my mum's favourites and Each Peach is such a beautiful book. I remembered the Saggy Baggy Elephant from my childhood and who can resist a Little Golden Book?

I've been collecting children's books for years now. As a trained English teacher I'm passionate about the importance of books in children's lives and tend to gravitate towards the children's section when in a bookstore. I'd love to include a beautiful reading corner in the little one's room. I've been inspired by these images at Hank and Lucy.


  1. so sweet!
    p.s. don't buy too many tiny sizes because you'll prob get quite a few as presents. it's when they hit 3months & are suddenly busting out of all their newborn stuff that you'll need something special to pull out. i've got a pile of baby clothes from my 8month old already that i've got to go through & decide what to keep and what to give away :)

  2. I have some of those cotton tops, but in the singlet style. They wash up well. I too had a lot of trouble with finding non traditional colours. There is way too much pink and blue out there. I bought a few little Pure Baby pieces in red and grey for Vioet, but they are a little exy. Saggy Baggy elephant is in my kidde's library too.