Saturday, May 7, 2011

A little delivery

little delivery1

little delivery2

little delivery3
Propped next to my avocado toast this morning I found a gift and a card from the little one. Wishing me (an early) happy mothers day. I barely made it through the first sentence before I started with the tears. I think it's my most favourite card yet. Thank you little one. x

My gift was the latest Dumbo Feather - am sure you've all read/heard of it? Such a thoughtful publication. It's the first issue with new publishers and format so I hope they've managed to retain the spirit and original philosophy.

Oh and look, a shot of me in my 40 year old dressing gown.


  1. Haven't heard of it, but I think I'll look around for it (can't resist a good mag). Old dressing gowns are the comfiest, aren't they?