Monday, September 10, 2012


When I started writing this blog Saskia was only weeks off being conceived. I initially posted as a way of keeping Little Sister in London and my dearest friend (and cousin) in New Jersey updated, but my posts soon turned into a way of documenting my pregnancy and, eventually, my little one's first year. I keep posting, as a way of memory keeping. Writing things down in a place I can come back to when it comes time to collate a baby book for Saskia. Dates, firsts, reflections, that will end up on paper pages, next to the hospital bracelet, the tag from the first (carefully selected) jumpsuit bought for our yet-to-be-born baby, and cards from family and friends that are tucked away in two desk drawers. I might make it in time for Christmas. I'm not too worried. I know it will happen, it's important to me.

I've been thinking of making a few small changes to this space though. Inspired by other bloggers who come and comment on my posts. (I'm always so touched). I'd love to write some posts that extend beyond keeping memories, invite more of a conversation. I didn't dare before. But now...I'm feeling a little brave.

*This card was given to me at my baby shower by my 9 year old cousin. It was tucked away in one of those drawers, but now I have it pinned up. A reminder that our baby is perffect (for us).


  1. I've loved this space of yours ever since I found it and I always enjoy reading your posts whether they are about Saskia or about simple pleasures in your daily life. I'm excited to see the changes you're planning for here, have confidence my friend, your blog posts are always 'perffect' and whatever you have in mind will be a fantastic read, I'm sure of it! x

    P.S While I put a month by month album together for Grace, I still haven't done her 'traditional' baby album, figuring I'd do hers and Sophie's at the same time... one day I'll get there :)

  2. Be brave, do it!! Blogs are awesome cos they can evolve and be whatever you want them to be, and I'm sure your voice is one people would love to hear more of! xx