Sunday, September 9, 2012

Two little friends

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Sassy's little friend Tilly turned one on the weekend. We drove out of town to the Scented Rose Gardens for her party on a blustery spring day. We gathered in the mint green teahouse and watched as all the people who adore that sweet little girl filled the room.

Kelly is one of my dearest friends and it's been so wonderful to share the journey of mamahood with her. For this reason (and more) she will always be a very special person in my life and I'll always be especially fond of little Tilly.

There's something so charming about two little friends following each other about, oblivious of the action happening above them. Dressed in party dresses and tights, wearing matching bows.

Happy Birthday Tilly x

*Kelly wrote a beautiful post about the day here


  1. How cute! Is that Saskia above walking along holding your hand? Clever girl! Sophie has just started walking along the furniture this weekend and has been trying to let go a few times when she feels brave enough :) My best friend and I were just saying during the week how lovely it is that our two babies are only 6 months apart (just as the two of us are) and how sweet it will be for them to grow up as one another's friend :) I'm not familiar with Kelly's blog so am popping over now for a look... x

  2. how wonderful for sassy to have a similar age pal, too adorable they are.