Sunday, September 16, 2012


Early rises. Paint sample pondering at Bunnings. Pikelets from the pan. Village duties*. Summer holiday dreaming. An afternoon visit from Vovo. Inspired by these books.

*I'm researching playgrounds/playscapes...does anyone have any suggestions, interesting links?
1. Flapper: there's something about her. Part of a series of postcards from a travelling exhibition at my work. I keep a few others on the bottom of the fridge for the Little One to screw, chew, view.
2. Aiming to double the number of indoor plants we have...I'd love one of these especially. 


  1. Not really for the home but these are amazing.

  2. A friend of mine is the founder of this organisation- - they build playgrounds in the developing world, but the website is full of ideas and how tos etc. Inspiring stuff. Not sure if that helps but worth a look!

  3. "The Outdoor Playscape Naturally" edited by Sue Elliott and "Natural Playscapes" by Rusty Keeler are both brilliant if you're interested in natural outdoor playspaces x

  4. Thanks for the suggestions, ladies - very helpful x