Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nursery details

Bassinet in afternoon sun

Bunny rugs

Little foxy

Think I'm developing quite an obsession with sweet wraps, bunny rugs and soft blankets. Oh well, surely you can never have too many?

Some lovely friends have been helping me put together a to-buy list. I felt a little overwhelmed by all the 'essential' items listed in baby books but they swiftly crossed a few things off the list. Now it's looking a little less frightening. We've been so lucky to borrow or inherit a lot of the bigger items though, so really we've done very well so far.

A few handy things I was told about:
...forehead scanner thermometer (and room temperature gauge in one)
...hire a capsule for the first 6 months through Kidsafe (these versions have the option of lifting out a carry basket - no need to wake the little one)
...melobaby travel change mat (I love that it has a soft fleecy lining not a plastic sticky mat)

Any other hot tips (or even sweet things to splurge on) are welcome...


  1. Exciting times! Definitely have the lanolin on hand. It also makes great lip balm. We hired a capsule from the hospital for the first 6 months. The change mat sounds lovely, but I ended up sewing my own cover over a hand-me-down mat. I also sewed up some burp clothes out of vintage cotton backed with flannel and they were really handy. I still use them now.

  2. Strangely enough the thing I used the most was a little old portable radio. It gave me comfort through the days that can be long and quite silent. It also made an excellent white noise machine when that was called for.

  3. hi there. i've been reading for a little while and thought i must definitely say hello. such a sweet pregnancy you have. i'm so glad that the calmbirth workshop helped make you feel relaxed about your birth. birth is so very doable!

    i really adored our ergo sling. i tried about 4 others. but this one was by far the most comfy. and next time, i will try some cloth breast pads...because last time we spent too much money on those things.

    x nicole

  4. I'm loving your blog and had to sign up just to ensure i dont miss out on the 'birth' news!

    Sounds like you are pretty sorted with all the things you need, it can be overwhelming, i agree. One gift that I was given (by an experienced mumma- i had no idea) was a little basket of all the little medical things- baby panadol, infacol, paw paw cream,bonjella, cotton buds, dermaveen and so on. While you would hope not to need it, its always at 2am if you do.

    xo em