Monday, January 21, 2013

15 months

 photo DSC_0926_zpsbffb4d76.jpg  photo DSC_0918_zpsae72c3c0.jpg  photo DSC_0972_zps321f7760.jpg  photo DSC_0910_zps8f0ce20d.jpg  photo DSC_0025-1_zps5aebb596.jpg
15 months and the Little One...
...loves to create a bit of abstract art...her favourite colour to draw with is yellow (she reaches straight for the yellow crayon every time)
...climbs on and off the sofa like it aint no thang
...felt the utter delight that is running under the sprinkler on a balmy summer eve for the first time
...has mastered some more pretty cute words (angel, pear, purple, moon, star, hippo, Humpty, Mima, egg, click when holding up her camera...) and keeps adding to her repertoire of animal sounds: owl (ooot ooohh), fish (opens and closes mouth with little pops), and bee (uuuz, uuuuz) are some of our favourites walks up the stairs to our letterboxes without holding onto my hand (boo hoo)
...shows determination and focus when playing with the shape sorter, still loves making 'cups of tea' for anyone who will throw one back, but she'd spend all her days reading books or having books read to her if she could
...makes her mama and dada feel big joy and the dazzle of happy hearts


  1. she is just so sweet! and how gorgeous are her new words? well done mama, papa and little one, on 15 months of awesomeness :)

  2. What a great vocab your darling girl has - that list made me smile, especially the ooot ooohh :) And those curls are becoming more ringlet-y every time you share a photo! x

  3. Oh the cuteness! And what a hipster in her silver Salts :) xx

  4. So many words - what a clever little thing! Everly's only just got onto the talking wagon (her latest are horse, milk and bugger - oops, last one is my fault!) I love how she's always dressed up and exploring x

  5. Sweetness exemplified... I love her so! It looks so gorgeous where you are! (We are below zero weather today!)

  6. Oh she is a honey! Such magic days. WIshing you so much more of this wonder...being a Mumma is grand isn't it?!! x

  7. These are the sweetest photos Claire.... and how lovely that she's adding so many words to her repertoire!
    I always say this - but there is such warmth and love from your photos.
    Ronnie xo

  8. I love the shot with the watering can knocked over and she's concentrating on something else so intently. Love the "click". What a cutie. x