Wednesday, January 9, 2013


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Can you see it?

These are photographs taken when we lived in Ottawa, Canada, for a year when I was one. After posting this portrait I dug out the ring bound family albums with yellowing pages and my mum's neatly printed captions, searching for the photographs that flash in front of my eyes sometimes as I watch Saskia. That peculiar feeling when you look at your child and she seems so profoundly, intensely, strangely familiar. An odd thing to say, perhaps, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

(Oh and then there is always this).

I'm such a sucker for baby photos from the 70s and 80s. I'd love to see yours...

ps. Look at my Dad doing his best pensive Lennon look!

*I'm so touched by all the comments generated by the 52 Project, and am looking forward to discovering some new blogs. Just making myself a cup of tea...


  1. in the top photo - most definitely!

    I think Lalie is finally (FINALLY) starting to resemble her old girl a bit. phew!

  2. I think there are definitely similarities between you and your sweet Saskia! Glad you dug out your photo after your last post. I will have to do the same. Friends and family are always saying Sophie looks like my husband, but only yesterday, Sophie gave a little wave and like you described, I instantly pictured a baby photo of mine :)

  3. Oh! I just love old family photos... and I do see Saskia in you, especially in that curly hair! And your dad's glasses are very cool. Happy day to you!

  4. Ha! Love your dad's Lennon look!

  5. Absolutely see it! Also, your dad looks freakishly like one of my Uncle's! I found a photo of myslef at the same age as Gus which is pretty much an exact replica of one I have of him. Love finding similarities in old photos, especially when all you hear is how much he looks like his father! (not that that is a bad thing of course!) ;) x

  6. omg love, totally the top photo!! the nose and eyes especially!! x

  7. Your dad definitely has a John Lennon thing going on and YES, Saskia looks exactly like you!

  8. You're total twins! And go the Lennon Dad! Kellie xx

  9. love these! its amazing to see yourself in your little one.
    i dont have red hair, a button nose, or green/hazel eyes- but people say piper looks like me, hopefully one day i will see it too!
    xx ashley

  10. Your dad is so good at chanelling John Lennon, I thought that even before I scrolled down to see. Also - I feel a bit silly for only just having figured it out, but thank you for the link - I was wondering where the new readers were coming from! x