Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Eating: bliss balls (I finally made these from Jess' recipe and bought a good quality cocoa powder from the deli...I can never turn back now), a few new 15 minute Jamie meals (the best being the green tea salmon, miso greens and coconut rice - and the Keralan curry which makes friends of cauliflower, chickpeas and pineapple - weird, but ever so right), and these double coconut muffins which have changed my life, and I have this lady to thank.

Watching: Louis Theroux's Extreme Love reruns on ABC2 (I can't stop thinking about Joey's family in Extreme Love: Autism and the charming, still vivacious 89 year-old Nancy and her ever-doting husband, John, in Extreme Love: Dementia). I love his slightly awkward style.

Growing: hydrangeas with petals turning antique green (a present for my Christmas Eve birthday), geraniums in all shades of crimson, marigolds on the balcony table, and some rather piddly nasturtiums (biggest disappointment).

What are you eating, watching, growing?


  1. So funny, I was only thinking today that I wanted to try the bliss balls my friend Nicole had posted about a while back and I just clicked your link above and found it's the same recipe and link :) Did you put the chia seeds in? I'm keen to make these for something slightly sweet but just small to go with a cuppa or two throughout the day. I tried out a 15 minute Jamie recipe last night too - the Greek chicken couscous one... delicious!! The salmon recipe you've made sounds yummo. Love that his meals are so do-able. We watched Louis Theroux last night too - we enjoy his documentaries. I found last night's so sad but wasn't old Nancy a character!! Besides Jamie and Louis and an episode of Escape To The Country, I haven't actually watched any TV this week :) Your hydrangea is such a lovely shade of blue! My blue one has morphed into a more lavender shade this year. As for what we've been growing, while my herbs are thriving, I've given up on my vegetable patch during this hot spell, everything is simply frizzling with the heat. My begonias were doing well (until Asha dug one out to make a cool patch to lie under the tree in our garden!!) and our frangipanis are all green and gorgeous.

    Hope your week continues to be lovely! x

  2. eating: broad beans in everything!

    watching: Rob McCreath speak (Queensland famer, chair of Friends of Felton group that successfully said no to an open cast coal mine in their town)

    growing: broad beans, with very little effort. Depending on how hot it is where you are your nasturtiums might come away as we head into autumn - they like it cooler and ours seem to grow best when they are just left alone - strange!


  3. Eating: Crunchy peanut butter on graham crackers like mad!
    Watching: Anything related to home renovating.
    Growing: My hair, 2 years and counting...